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Hello ✨

We're Happy Scribe, a 100% bootstrapped startup based in Barcelona.

We offer transcription and subtitling services by combining AI with the expertise of language professionals to create a 5-star product. We're working on one of the fundamental problems of this decade: speech-to-text technology.

We're just 10 people at the moment, but growing fast and profitable and we're building the team thoughtfully and with a lot of care.

Open Positions

Product Design Lead

Business Development Manager

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Happy Scribe is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome all applications from all people and all walks of life.

Become a freelancer

🏠 Transcriptionist

🏠 Subtitler

Hiring Philosophy

Who do we look for?

We’re excited about people who are already experts in their fields as well as people who are not yet specialised but show high potential. By “high potential” we mean people who have demonstrated the ability to ramp up quickly in a new domain and produce results.

We are not credential-driven—rather, we want to understand your unique background and what you can contribute to our team.